The Brandon Effect

The Brandon Effect includes the Streisand Effect, but it is so much more.

The Streisand effect is when the attempt to suppress embarrassing information causes far more dissemination of that information than if no attempt at suppression had been made. In the case of Barbara Streisand, she bought a very expensive house that was pretty hypocritical for anyone claiming to be any kind of left wing activist and she tried to bully the media into suppressing the story, but the media didn’t really like Barbara Streisand, so her efforts actually drew far more attention to her story.

The Brandon Effect is based on the attempt by an NBC “journalist” to suppress the fact that the crowd was chanting “F*ck Joe Biden” while she was interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown. She said that the crowd was chanting, “Let’s go Brandon.”

Whereas, the Streisand Effect is an individual trying to suppress information embarrassing to that individual, the Brandon Effect is the establishment trying to suppress information embarrassing to an individual by gaslighting the public with a fabricated alternative narrative in order to promote an unpopular agenda. However, the establishment agenda was so unpopular, and the actual chant was so popular and so clear, that such a blatant lie fueled a massive backlash, such as this viral rap video.

The timing was especially bad because the illusion of legitimacy had been pierced for many only two weeks earlier at the Met Gala in which the so-called left made all the servants wear masks, but none of the VIPs wore masks. To add insult injury, the VIPs wore dresses with leftist slogans like Tax the Rich and Equal Rights.

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