What humanity might do to the Apex Players

I am very much afraid of what humanity might do to the Apex Players (those above presidents and billionaires) and to their front men.

Although the Apex Players have long been at war with humanity, they did not openly declare war on humanity until 2021.

As of September 2021, it looked like they were done with the ratchet effect and were going for all the marbles as fast as they could, but as of October 2021, it is now looking like they have so overplayed their hand that humanity may be forcing them to take one last step back before they abandon the ratchet effect.

Their mistake was giving too much leash to their front men, who then pierced the illusion of legitimacy for all but the most brainwashed followers. There were multiple mistakes, but the tipping point was the 2021 Met Gala on September 13 in which the servants all wore masks, and the VIPs did not. [1] [2] Then, The Brandon Effect was probably the final event that could result in enough backlash to force one more step back—one last use of the ratchet effect.

Regardless of how big of a step back they take this time, there are now many who know we are at war, and who know that this may be the last step back, and who know that the Apex Players will never give up.

Therefore, given how the Apex Players hide in the shadows and hate transparency, and given how it wouldn’t be like it was in 1776, I am afraid that the people might form zero squads. Such a zero squad might detain a high level front man, who would then be free to go after three days. During those three days, that zero squad might also extract passwords, intel, and the identity of his masters. Then they might do the same to his masters …. and their masters. Even if the zero squad extracted nothing, that front man could no longer be trusted by his masters. A zero squad might offer such a front man a new life in a kind of witness protection program. Such a strategy might be used in multiple ways to foment infighting amongst the Apex Players and amongst their front men.

During this last pullback, it is paramount that humanity keeps the pressure on the Apex Players in order to provoke them into making mistakes, such as over reacting, and to prolong the pullback until humanity can find a permanent solution.

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