Aliens Created Omicron

Omicron came from a lab at just the right time to end the Covid Tyranny.

We know Omicron came from a lab because it leaped from an earlier version with many changes, and because of the pattern of changes.

It would have taken a few more years for sars-cov-2 to evolve to be that contagious and that harmless, but by arriving so soon, it caught the Apex Players (those insider globalist elite above Presidents and billionaires) by surprise.

After many centuries of covert war against humanity, in September 2021, the Apex Players had their front man (Biden) declare a vaccine mandate on the world’s largest, wealthiest, best armed population …. which was thus tantamount to an overt declaration of war on humanity.

Just a few days later, Omicron appeared.

By January 2022, it was apparent that the Pandemic was over, so the US Supreme Court had no choice but to strike down the mandate because upholding the mandate would have pierced the illusion of legitimacy, without which, the Apex Players would be finished.

This is an example of how Aliens help us without revealing themselves.

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