Covid Lies

Establishment Covid Lies:

  1. Two weeks to flatten the curve
  2. The EUA vaccines
    1. will let you go back to normal
    2. are the only remedies
    3. prevent you from contracting Covid
    4. prevent you from transmitting Covid
    5. are not experimental
    6. are given with informed consent
    7. do not require boosters
    8. do not cause variants
    9. are superior to natural immunity
    10. cause less myocarditis that Covid
    11. are healthier for young people than sars-cov-2
    12. do not increase miscarriages
    13. do not increase cancer
    14. do not increase neurological disorders
    15. are not killing people
    16. are not an experiment on everyone to work the bugs out of a new technology
  3. Herd immunity will be achieved if this percent is vaccinated
    1. 60-70%
    2. 70-75%
    3. 80-85%
    4. 90%
  4. We need more
    1. ventilators
    2. hospital tents
    3. hospital beds
    4. hospital ships
    5. hospital workers
  5. We need
    1. expensive treatments
    2. experimental treatments
  6. We don’t need
    1. vitamin D
    2. vitamin C
    3. zinc
    4. quercetin
    5. sunlight
    6. exercise
    7. weight loss
  7. Masks
    1. are effective indoors
    2. are effective outdoors
    3. do not cause bacterial pneumonia
    4. do not halt a child’s cognitive development
    5. do not damage a child psychologically
    6. are always worn by anyone who is not selfish
    7. are always worn by anyone who is not a sociopath
  8. Social distancing
    1. is effective indoors
    2. is effective outdoors
    3. does not cause psychological damage
  9. Lockdowns
    1. are effective
    2. do not cause psychological damage
    3. do less damage than Covid
  10. An anti-vaxxer is
    1. anyone who disagrees with the establishment narrative
    2. anyone who refuses to get the Covid EUA vaccines
    3. anyone who refuses a booster
    4. selfish
    5. a sociopath
  11. Governments have legitimate authority to
    1. mandate vaccines
    2. mandate masks
    3. shut down small business
    4. confine people to their homes
    5. censor misinformation
    6. trace your contacts
    7. require vaccine passports
    8. put people in camps
  12. sars-cov-2
    1. occurred naturally
    2. was not created in a lab
    3. was not funded by Fauci
    4. is transmitted by droplets
    5. can be transmitted outdoors
  13. Omicron
    1. evolved naturally
    2. did not come from a lab
    3. is dangerous
  14. The unvaccinated
    1. cause the variants
    2. cause the spread
    3. prolong the pandemic
    4. prevent a return to normal
    5. are misinformed
    6. are selfish
    7. are sociopaths
  15. Ivermectin
    1. is “Horse Paste”
    2. is not effective against Covid
    3. has sent many people to the Hospital
    4. has clogged poison control lines
  16. Hydroxychloroquine
    1. can kill you
    2. is not effective against Covid
    3. is only advocated by Trump fans
    4. is only advocated because Trump mentioned it
  17. Establishment policy
    1. is transparent
    2. is about safety
    3. is science based
    4. has not bullied doctors into denying all medical exemptions
    5. has not inflated Covid deaths
    6. has not inflated Covid cases
    7. has not misused the PCR test
    8. has not created perverse incentives
    9. has not created conflicts of interest
    10. has not killed millions
    11. has not permanently injured tens of millions
  18. Reports of adverse vaccine reactions in systems like Vaers
    1. are irrelevant
    2. are not alarming
    3. are not under-reported
  19. Establishment experts
    1. do not lie
    2. do not have conflicts of interest
    3. follow their own rules
  20. The uniformity of the global response
    1. is coincidence
    2. is science based

Consider that many lies are lies by omission. For example, if talk about vitamins and other “home remedies” is simply banned, then there may not be a link to where someone explicitly advocated against them, but we can sometimes show explicit evidence where an establishment source, such as YouTube, banned such content.

Likewise, one is often not allowed to link to the evidence. For example, anyone can do a test where they publish a post or comment on reddit that contains a link ( to the studies on 34 (and growing) different substances that have been used to combat Covid. Then ask anyone if they can see that post/comment. You will find that your content has been instantly shadowbanned and that even mods cannot approve it.

The handful of lies that are no longer being promulgated, but which were lies at the time and not merely mistakes, are on the list. Mistakes and one-offs are not lies. We know it is a lie when: 1) there are so many, 2) they should have known better, 3) they had a conflict of interest, 4) they silenced dissent, and 5) they punished dissenters.

Consider that this is a list of establishment positions that have been lies. It is not a list of corruption, such as no liability for the vaccine manufacturers. That would be an even longer list than this one.

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