Proof Jews do not control America

Many claim that Jews control America, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Was it Jews who landed at Plymouth Rock?

Was it Jews who wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights?

Was it Jews who won the American Revolution?

Was it Jews who won the West?

Was it Jews who freed the slaves?

Was it Jews who built the roads or grew the food?

Was it Jews who built the factories, ships, or trains?

Was it Jews who voted or paid the taxes?

Was it Jews who defeated the Nazis?

Was it Jews who went to the moon?

Clearly, Jews do not control America.

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  • Kate Hikes says:

    This is a joke, right? It is a laughable argument, because it wouldn’t prove either way- if they were responsible for all or none of the achievements you questioned. It’s not relevant to the question, “who controls the USA?”, at all.
    Do the people who build the roads control any country? Do the farmers? Do the people who built the factories, ships, or trains control countries? They don’t even control the factories, ships or trains they “built”. These are ideas a 12 year old has when asked who runs a country.
    Did Jews free the slaves? Huh? Jews were almost entirely responsible for the western slave trade, and at the height of American slavery, 40% of all Jews in America owned slaves and 90% of slave ships were owned by Jews. They postponed Slavery auctions if they fell on a Jewish holiday, because there would be no one there to buy, or sell, the slaves. Did the jews free the slaves, it’s insulting, really.
    This leads me to believe you are either a Jew(classic), or lack the ability to honestly think critically, for yourself.

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